jordancats on April 7th, 2015

  It is with huge sadness that we relate the loss of Mustrum, a snow spotted blue-eyed Bengal, and the last of our Bengals. He was officially An Old Man, and we could see it. His teeth were gone, his spots were gone, even his wonderful voice disappeared for a few days (which worried us […]

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jordancats on October 11th, 2013

  We’re thrilled at the prospect of the new arrivals, but let us not forget Mustrum, our ancient and venerable Bengal. Born in October 1998, he’s now 15. As the vet said to us, “that’s a good age for a Bengal”, thus implying he wouldn’t be with us for too much longer. He’s losing weight, […]

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jordancats on December 12th, 2011

On 18th November, I Twittered that I hadn’t seen Mustrum that morning. And we didn’t see him again for ten days, by which time we were both sure he was gone for good. He is microchipped, but a lot of places don’t automatically scan for them, I know. He was a real roamer in his day, […]

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jordancats on April 10th, 2011

I haven’t written anything here for ages, mea culpa – life has been hectic and difficult, and both blobs and Tribe have been feeling the strain while we had a lot of work done in the house. The cats very much approved of the installation of a woodburning stove just before Christmas, which they treat […]

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jordancats on September 3rd, 2010

Apologies for the lack of posts – I do have stuff to write, but have lacked the time and energy to write it! But I will soon, promise. This is a photograph of Mustrum who, like all the others, is enjoying this time of year when the sun falls into our bedroom (which is large, […]

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We have a large bedroom here, with two tall, south facing windows, so the sun streams in there during the day (when it shines at all, of course).  We set a chair that is very like, but is not, an Ikea Poang by one of the windows – it’s a nice quiet place if one […]

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jordancats on September 21st, 2009

We had to take Iggy and Mustrum to the vet this morning – they are going to have to go into a cattery for a few days in a while, and so they needed some jabs. They don’t like cat carriers.  They don’t like cars.  They don’t much like being indoors at all when the […]

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jordancats on March 15th, 2009

We bought a cheap little camera in town yesterday, a Pentax M50, to keep downstairs – this is the first video, which didn’t come out too bad at all. Henry likes to chase the shadow of his tail – he does this a lot, for a very long time usually.  Except, it seems, when there’s […]

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jordancats on March 11th, 2009

a snoozing Mustrum Originally uploaded by ramtops Sitting on my desk this afternoon, with a nice rolling web log on the monitor behind him. Mustrum is absolute essence of cat, and we love him to bits.

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jordancats on February 20th, 2009

Mustrum used to have an unfortunate tendency to, er, press his affections on our late and much lamented Moo. Although she wasn’t keen, she never stopped him, and he has never really come to understand that he’s been neutered. He appears to have transferred his affections to Henry now, who seems equally submissive, if a […]

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