Mustrum ... the Essence of Cat

I haven’t written anything here for ages, mea culpa – life has been hectic and difficult, and both blobs and Tribe have been feeling the strain while we had a lot of work done in the house. The cats very much approved of the installation of a woodburning stove just before Christmas, which they treat as their own personal box of warmz. They coped remarkably well with the french doors being put in, and the back door (complete with their cat flap to the yard) being removed. But when it came to five weeks kitchen renovation, they got a bit fed up, and so did we.

Having said that, they all coped reasonably well, except Mustrum – which is odd, as he is generally a very laid back sort of chap. But it suddenly struck us yesterday – things have been in constant flux in the downstairs of the house, while stuff got moved around to make way for fitters and plumbers and electricians and [scream] dry rot menders. Furniture was Freecycled, things changed all the time.

Mussie was really spooked – running in and out of the house through the front cat flap, very clingy and attention seeking, As soon as we went up to bed, he would arrive, squeak a lot in his endearing fashion, and generally demand a lot of fuss; what we saw as jealousy may well actually have been a need for comfort and reassurance.

He’s has had a squint since we got him as a 3 month old kitten, and we have remarked over the past few years that it seems to be getting worse (he’s going to be 13 – I don’t believe it – in August). And it suddenly struck us yesterday that he may not be able to see very well now; constant change in his environment would really upset him if that is the case, and would explain why he spends most of his time upstairs, where things are relatively unchanging.

How does one a cat’s eyesight, I wonder? And would it gain anything if we did? Within the next week, please $deity, all will be finished down here – only painting and floor laying to go, and he should be happier again. Let us hope so.

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