We bought a cheap little camera in town yesterday, a Pentax M50, to keep downstairs – this is the first video, which didn’t come out too bad at all.

Henry likes to chase the shadow of his tail – he does this a lot, for a very long time usually.  Except, it seems, when there’s a camera about.  But there’s some nice footage of Mustrum, who is a very fine cat indeed, and some of Iggy too.

The “red or green” question, incidentally, was to do with what colour of chilli was wanted for the tomato sauce for supper.


4 Responses to “Henry, Mustrum and Iggy”

  1. Oh beautiful! and such lovely voices 🙂

  2. Very pretty cats.

  3. Actually brillient to hear them talk 🙂 but did they want green?

  4. Henry is so cute with his tail!

    Pixel and Smudge have just been listening to Mustrum and Iggy. Pixel sounds a lot like them, pitched between them in tone.

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