We have had the privilege of living with fourteen different cats in the past ten years

The Tribe presently consists of just five cats – well, three cats and two teeny tiny rapidly growing kittins. They are slavishly ministered to by two helpless blobs completely in thrall to their feline fiends.

We all live in Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, in the UK. The cats eat and sleep and kill things, and we work hard as web developers to keep them in the style to which – foolishly – we have allowed them to become accustomed.

You can follow their antics via the blog, or watch the four webcams installed round the house. Enjoy!

The cats’ blobs, Mac and Pete, are web developers by trade, and the site has always been in ColdFusion up until now. This version moves us to WordPress, for the blogging facilities, and because we wanted to play with it a bit more.  Having got this far, we’re not sure we want to play with it any more at all :), but we shall struggle on.

The cats past and present have brought us enormous joy and pleasure; and mice, rats, pigeons, etc., and on one memorable occasion, a squirrel. They have broken things, caused us huge veterinary bills from time to time, pissed on things they shouldn’t, and still we love them to bits.

The Jordan Cats have had a site on the web since – blimey – 1999. It’s been through several iterations of design, many different cats, and an increasing number of catcams. It has, to date, clocked up almost 300,000 visitors.

Enjoy the site!

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