jordancats on March 5th, 2014

My mobile rang yesterday evening. Is that Lilith’s mum? asked a woman’s voice. My heart lurched. Despite it being biologically impossible, I admitted that I was, yes, and thinking Dear lord – what now? This kind woman, appropriately named Cat, had found Lilith’s missing collar tags* in her back yard. They went missing a few weeks ago, and I […]

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jordancats on October 25th, 2013

Sybil the Sybarite Overnight, the kits appear to have reached some sort of milestone. We had a few musician friends round last night, but at the first sound of an accordion Sybil and Polly fled upstairs; unsurprising, as Henry in particular took ages to get used to the sound of Morris tunes played on boxes. […]

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jordancats on August 5th, 2013

Everything seems much as normal for Lilith now – her pluth is growing back, the scar has healed nicely, and she’s starting to be more … herself.  She is, occasionally, taking herself through the catflap; my heart is in my mouth, but I guess I’ll get used to it, and I wouldn’t attempt to confine […]

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jordancats on July 29th, 2013

This is the question that some people are asking! So … Last Tuesday, 23 June, we noticed that one of Lily’s stitches had come out, and we were a little worried about the wound. I rang Kingston, who said to bring her down, so Pete did so. They checked her over,  and were perfectly happy […]

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jordancats on July 18th, 2013

So, she went in the crate on Monday night. She was not pleased. She spent most of the night banging and crashing about, in a temper, as we thought. However, in the morning, the score appeared to be Lilith 1 : Cone 0. She’d managed to remove it during the hours of darkness. We looked […]

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jordancats on July 16th, 2013

So, we picked her up yesterday at about 5.30. Long chat with the vet, bore away powdered antibiotics, and liquid painkillers, so no pilling. Hurrah! We drove home carefully, and decided to take her straight upstairs in her carry basket, so that she could emerge in her own time, and be quiet. And before we […]

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jordancats on July 15th, 2013

I keep my phone on silent at night, with only a few family numbers allowed through. So when I woke up on Sunday morning to find a slew of calls, and a text message, all from unrecognised numbers, I was a bit worried.  The text read: “Your cat just been splattered outside linnet. Unlucky pall […]

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jordancats on August 20th, 2012

There was a knock on the door this morning, and the mad old bat* from down the road was stood there. “Do you own a white cat?” she asked. Well, we did buy a cream cat, but I don’t like to say we actually own any of our cats. But that seemed a bit semantic, so […]

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jordancats on July 31st, 2012

As I mentioned, Iggy is spending a lot of time away from home, and yesterday my suspicion is confirmed. The elderly couple over the road are feeding him. I went over yesterday while Kath was in her front yard, and asked them not to do it any more, explained that he was quite ill and […]

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jordancats on September 14th, 2011

During the latter part of this morning, I could hear a cat going mew. It didn’t sound like any of ours – Mustrum gurgles and squeaks and shouts, Iggy rowls, Henry and Ron squeal. Lilith doesn’t speak much – she might say “hello” outside, but by and large she is pretty much mute indoors. It drove […]

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