We had to take Iggy and Mustrum to the vet this morning – they are going to have to go into a cattery for a few days in a while, and so they needed some jabs.

They don’t like cat carriers.  They don’t like cars.  They don’t much like being indoors at all when the weather is nice, which it is, so we felt that the whole episode was going to be fraught.  But actually, it went remarkably well.

I went down to the bottom of the back garden and did the “iggy” cry, which is a particular tone of voice that means waffer thin ham might be in the offing, and that brought him in – a trail of ham then neatly led him into the carrier and the door was firmly shut.

Then I went out the front (Mustrum’s stomping ground) and did the same thing, and it worked again!  I bet I’ll have to think of a new strategy the next time.

We conveyed them to Vim, who checked their teeth (not many, but fine), general health, and weighed them – they both weigh 5.1 kgs, which makes them fairly substantial chaps.  Nice to know they’re in rude health.

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