waiting for springLilith is snuffling and sneezing, and has slightly runny eyes. We’re not sure whether it’s a cold, or an allergy maybe – she’s eating, but she wants company and comfort, which is unusual for her (to put it mildly).

So I went to bed early last night with a book, and carried her upstairs with me – astonishing in itself, as she’s not keen on behing held – so that she could curl up with me. She immediately settled on my pillow, where she has been all night, and remains there still, which has meant I’ve had a dreadful night.

I hate it when one of the cats is ill, and we haven’t yet sorted out a vet here, so I will be looking into that today, just in case. I’m not one for rushing them off to see a doc, any more than I would do it for myself, but we’re mindful of the fact that cat flu took Bada from us …

As we often say, Lilith is a monster, but she’s our monster, and we’re very fond.

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