cognitive dissonance

The spotty boys, Iggy and Mustrum, have had a turbulent relationship since they arrived.  We got them ten days apart, on 4th and 14th December respectively, in 1998.  Which means we are almost at our 10th anniversary, the three of us!

Two male Bengals in a house, even though they are neutered, is always going to be a fiery relationship, and yet they do sometimes get along fine, as shown in the photograph above.

Today, they did not.  Pete and I had just settled down to consume our lunch of soup, and cheese and crackers and ham, in the study (I know, I know, but it’s time to catch up on blogs and stuff), when a severe breakout of hostilities began.  When they go for it, they really go for it, and this was a full on wailing at each other, snarling and lashing of tails episode.  With added claws and teeth.

Now, you don’t want this across a desk with a bowl of hot soup on it, or even any other desk.  I tried to separate them, and got gashed for my pains.  In the end, we opened the big bit of the study window and shoved Mustrum out (as he was the nearest), then shut the top part to shut Iggy *in*.  Neither of them liked this much, and continued with a sort of virtual fight, separated by a double-glazed window.  I can tell you that I did wonder if it was going to be strong enough, to be honest.

About half an hour later, Mustrum had given up and buggered off, and Iggy was driving me crazy rowling to get out, so I shoved him out the front door, and we’ve opened the window again.

Boys – please don’t do that again.


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