This is the question that some people are asking! So …

Last Tuesday, 23 June, we noticed that one of Lily’s stitches had come out, and we were a little worried about the wound. I rang Kingston, who said to bring her down, so Pete did so. They checked her over,  and were perfectly happy with her, and didn’t charge us!

Two days later, she was back to have the rest of the stitches out; I bowed out of that one too and sent Pete. Apparently it took one vet, one blob *and* one veterinary nurse to accomplish it 🙂 (They didn’t charge for that either – I’m impressed). She was supposed to have her jabs too, but she was (and still is) a bit sniffly, so they didn’t want to do it.

Other than that, she’s been living in the bedroom. We gave up with the cage on Tuesday (I think), and Lilith decided that where she wanted to be was on my pillow. Day or  night. So I have had to share it at night. Her side has a regal purple towel on it, but she is no respecter of boundaries. She’s eating well, and showing non signs of wanting to go through the cat flap, and I’m quite, quite happy for her to be an indoor cat, thanks.

Yesterday, she came down, and spent the afternoon on our laps (not at the same time, obviously, but back and forth). She then decamped to the kitchen and curled up on the worktop, where she stayed for the rest of the day. And the night. But I was good, and only got up three times to check she was OK.

Her pluth is returning, and she actually swiped me the other morning, which was lovely – our horrible Lily is returning!

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