a festive Iggy

One last photo of my much loved Iggy, innabox. Those golden pears survived, and are hanging above the fire.

I still miss him dreadfully, but I deal with it  – I don’t go to look out the window for him thirty times a day, or keep listening for his distinctive rowl. But I was slightly overcome in Morrisons this week, when confronted with packs of mixed nuts in their shells. Neither P nor I eat nuts, but we always bought a pack for Igpuss, who liked to fish them out of their bowl and bat them round the room. Such little things undo us …

The rest of the Tribe are well and happy, and P is adamant that there will be no more kittens for a while, so we shall continue with a Gang of Four for the time being.

So we all wish you the compliments of the season,  and may your cats be gifted with dew kissed baby grouse in 2013.

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