mad (tiny) AlissShe’d been eating like a horse, but got thinner and thinner. [info]perlmonger and I had resolved that we would give her food she liked, keep her warm and comfortable, and give her lots of love and fuss. She didn’t get meatier, but she has been bright-eyed, and happy to see us, and sat on laps in the evening, apart from scoffing huge quantities of expensive little tins of fud.

Until lunchtime yesterday, when she didn’t want her waffer thin chicken. Then didn’t want her Highlife Tuna or her Gourmet Selection prawn and tuna. She’d given up – she lay on her side by the sofa, just where the morning sun comes in, so one of her favourite places. We cancelled our night out, and sat with her, just waiting for the end.

If she had made it through the night, we’d have been amazed, and we’d have called the vet for a home visit in the morning.

At 23:13. A small convulsion, and she was gone.

Good hunting, my Aliss – a very mad cat. You’ll be much missed.

2 Responses to “good hunting, Aliss”

  1. our sympathies to you both at the loss.

  2. Very sad but at least she died at home beside those who loved her.

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