entirely mad AlissShe’s not well, and this is what I typed up for the vet.

last frontlined: 4 October 2008, with the other three cats in the house. House sprayed with Acclaim again.

Aliss pulls out her fur when stressed – she was very bad at end of last year, and we rehomed two of our (then) eight cats. The change in her was immediate and remarkable and she was fine until the summer.

We took her to the village vet at the end of June, who prescribed antibiotics – these made no difference really, but she got no worse until recently. We think this bout may be down to us losing Moo to an RTA in August, and Bada to cat flu last week.

She exhibits compulsive behaviour:

  • ten days or so living outside on or under the patio table, only coming in for meals, and to use the litter tray, even in torrential rain.
  • a couple of weeks where she took up residence on the landing banister, falling off frequently when she fell asleep, until Pete constructed a platform out of an old breadboard and some clamps
  • recently she has stayed in the kitchen, except for coming to sit on a lap in the evening
    constantly begging for food, even though there is always food down

She used to absolutely adore cat biscuit, now rarely touches it.

She went missing for 7-10 days at the end of August, returned with seemingly no ill effect – in fact, she seemed better. We thought she’d regained some confidence in herself.

Some time before that, during the summer, she came home with one side of her whiskers looking as though they had been snipped with scissors – pretty much every one cut to a straight line. We have no idea how this could have happened.

She has got much worse in the last week or so. We bought an inflatable collar to try to stop her pulling out her fur, but she just pulled out different bits she could reach.

>She has also had a fairly upset stomach recently – a lot of vomiting, but not every day.

Yesterday she stopped eating – we have tried her with various things, but she’s not interested, and has taken up residence by the front door, a new place.

So – she has some high strength flea treatment, Advocate. Some appetite stimulants, some food supplement. She’s had a steroid jab and an anti-inflammatory. She didn’t like them *one bit*. She needs to go back and be weighed next week.

The vomiting is probably down to the constant grooming. Her teeth are bad too, which is why she’s gone off bikkit, apparently.

But, the vet things that the compulsive behaviour may ell be down to stress, and that we might have to rehome her.

It never stops 🙁

Cost to date: £71

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