we rearranged the kitchen at the weekend, and put a new cupboard at one end. The top of said cupboard has been empty bar the microwave since Sunday night, which is quite long enough for the Tribe to be absolutely certain that the topography will never change.

which is why, just after Pete put his espresso on the top of the cupboard, Zool took a flying leap at it. The mug landed in the bin (which had its lid off and its bag out, as it had just been emptied), and was miraculously undamaged.* The coffee went over the cupboard, in the cupboard, in the bin, down the dishwasher, down the fridge, over the microwave, on the opposite wall, together with a substantial puddle on the floor. Curiously, we mopped up far more coffee than was ever /in/ the bloody mug.

*which is more than can be said for my favourite tea mug, which was terminally broken when she knocked it off my desk while descending from my monitor.

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