now, then – who did that song? Oh yes – I think it was The Drifters.

somehow, ghod knows quite how, Aliss got up on the roof today. She paraded backwards and forwards for a couple of hours, and I still can’t decide whether she was frightened, or just generally being a Maine Coon (it’s not always easy to tell).

after standing on the patio for the best part of an hour, surrounded by seven other cats who all clearly thought that the roof was a cool place to be, and were all trying to work out how to get up there (Zool was completely disinterested), I eventually gave up, and came inside to look up the Fire Brigade’s number. Not long after, I kept seeing this upside-down black smoke furry face in the study window, and after a while, she gave up and came inside. not ten minutes later, Pepper was attempting to do the same thing, but thankfully, she couldn’t suss it out.

don’t you just love cats?

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