Ptep has to go back to the vet on Tuesday, so this morning we counted his pills, and he didn’t have enough of the cortisone ones to last. A quick call to the surgery, and they prescribed another seven days’ worth, so I hurtled down to Portishead to pick them up. Seven pills cost the princely sum of UKP1.99 πŸ™‚

on the way back, I called into Waitrose and picked up emergency supplies of CHICKIE!, together with pilchards in tomato sauce, sardines in tomato sauce, and some pink salmon. Spoiled? – surely not.

some pilchards were offered, and the sauce has been slurped off. And 3/4 of a CHICKIE! fillet has been scoffed. We’ve been round the garden for a supervised stroll, and Ptep was *desperate* to go further, but he really isn’t strong enough. And his legs are obviously very tired – being kept in a cage for five days would do that to a chap.

he seems somehow brighter this afternoon – both Pete and I think so, so perhaps he’s finally on the mend.

in other news, the teenage girl from one of the neighbouring houses came round this afternoon, wondering where Zool was … πŸ™ Apparently the pluth one used to go in through her bedroom window and sleep on her bed. I do miss her.

and I’m bit concerned about the Bengals – they’ve pretty much stopped coming in the house since Ptep came home. I think he smells different, and they can sense the illness. But we haven’t seen PoD since Wednesday (although he’s been gone longer than this), and no sign of Moo since Thursday afternoon. We seem to have done nothing but worry about cats for what seems like weeks …

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