sorry to keep posting these for those who are fed up with it, but so many people are asking us every day how he is that this is the simplest way to tell them.


Ptep slept on the bed most of the night, and this morning followed me round and actually *asked* for food. No matter that there was oxcheek, Whiskas, IAMs tinned, bikkit and some minced up roast beef with a tomatoey gravy for him to choose from – he wanted CHICKIE!, so that’s what he got πŸ™‚

he goes up and down, really – seems better in the mornings, but he’s taking his meds fine, and whatever happens, he’s getting loads of love and attention.

today’s public thanks goes to Graham, who sent us a comfort pack containing Twiglets, Maltesers and a fridge magnet that says “People who don’t like cats were probably mice in an earlier life” – we were quite overcome πŸ™‚ (so sorry, Graham, to have thought it was from someone else – [fx: embarrassed]).

onward and upwards …

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