LilithAs I strolled back from the post box yesterday, I encountered Lily, about 50 yards or so up the road from the house, on the other side of the road. Being fed chickie! by an old lady, who apparently does this on a daily basis. And bikkit too.

I told her that Lilith was our cat, and she said “Oh, we thought she was a stray. I’ve been feeding her for weeks – she was so thin”.

Now, there’s no way Lily a) looks like a stray, or b) could in any way be described as thin. The woman asked why we let her out, and told me we “weren’t allowed” to let her roam free. After this, the conversation got quite acrimonious, especially when it transpired that Lily’s “angel” fan club had told this woman where she lived, but she “didn’t believe them”* – I suspect she is trying to adopt her by coercion, and after what happened at our old house, I’m damned if I’m letting that occur again.

I’ve asked her not to feed Lily any more, but I have no real hope of this happening – she really is a remarkably pretty cat, and people do like her. They don’t realise she’s a monster, but she is our monster.

*She could have come and asked, of course>

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  1. bring me back my cat

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