monitorish goodnessother Blob and I each have rather whizzy 24″ TFT monitors, with lots of USB ports on them.

this afternoon, while Aliss was sitting on my desk, as the Tribe so often do, my keyboard stopped working. Given that it’s a brand new one, I was somewhat discombobulated. Further investigation showed the the mouse was also in non-working mode. This is a Mac, and the mouse is plugged into the keyboard, so it gave us something to go on.

Pete found the end of the keyboard USB lead under the monitor, and tried – without success – to plug it back in. He’s had some problems with his eyesight recently, so I had a go. And couldn’t find the socket to plug it in to. He was trying to plug the USB card reader in [sigh]. Once we worked this out, it was a simple task to unplug and replug the keyboard, which then worked.

all the time we were doing this, Aliss was washing us in a marked manner. So it was probably all a ploy to get Blobs within washing range. And, of course, it worked, as cats’ plans mostly do.

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