Or, as we tend to refer to them, the Piranha Sisters (and my word, their teeth are sharp). They arrived last Wednesday, 16 Oct 2013, and have charmed everyone who has come into contact with them since. Apart from the Incumbent Cats who still remain really quite unmoved (understatement). Although, to be fair, only we have seen them, together with one friend and her six year old son, but we are all charmed, trust me.

The names are not, as many have assumed, from Fawlty Towers; they are, like all the Tribe, from Discworld characters. Lady Sybil Ramkin (m Vimes), and Polly Perks from Monstrous Regiment. Sybil is most definitely the leader, although Polly is a tiny bit bigger, and they are progressing by the day, although they look very small to have been eight weeks old last week. But they eat, and they sproing, and have enslaved us.

They’ve been living in our bedroom since they arrived, and the Incumbents have been downstairs, so last night we took the kittens down for the evening. They thought it was all rather fine – Sybil decided that plants were good to eat and Polly, although much more cautious, had a good explore.

This morning, Sybil followed me downstairs for the first time, and attempted to partake of the Big Cats’ breakfast; this didn’t go well, so I bore her back upstairs with a dish of kitten mush.

You can find the Tribe’s antics on Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.


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