witches' accessoriesWell no, actually.  Aliss was returned to Vim the Vet this morning to see how she’s doing.  We thought she was doing really well, but she hasn’t put on any weight and that clearly concerns him.

We’ve to take her back in a month (appointment made), and we have to starve her – and thus the rest of the Tribe, oh horror – so she can have blood tests.  She still needs her teeth doing, but he doesn’t want to put her through a general anaesthetic right now, and he says that she “still has a couple of good years in her”, which is not really what I want to hear about a cat who is only 9½ …

She’s had an anabolic steroid, so that rules her out for the Olympics for a while :), and we’ll just have to see how she goes.  I was hoping for better news, really.

Cost today: £36.95
Cost to date: £107.95

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