on Friday morning, Esk woke me up at 4.30 a.m. by sitting on my chest and tickling my face with her whiskers, and as soon as I sat up, she plonked herself on my pillow – such uncharacteristic behaviour that I actually woke up to see what she was up to.

she was a very poorly cat indeed – having thrown up several times in the night, she was having trouble with her throat. It looked to us as though was some sort of obstruction there, stopping her from breathing properly – she was gagging constantly, and obviously very distressed.

I woke Pete, and we sat with her until the vet opened, and promptly delivered her down there. he thought that she might have a piece of grass stuck somewhere, and kept her in in order to give her an anaesthetic to check her out thoroughly. We spent a very anxious day waiting to hear from him, and when he phoned at about 4 p.m., he said that he hadn’t been able to find any grass or any other obstruction, despite having taken some x-rays, but that there were some places that he couldn’t see, and there might be something there . . . There were also a lot of follicles at the back of her throat, so she’s had a huge antibiotic hit (with several days more doses – oh joy :), and we took the opportunity to have her microchipped while she was there.

[update] we tried giving her the antibiotic solution. Honest we did. She threw most of it straight up on the living room carpet, and then withdrew to the patio where she disgorged the rest of it, and she ended up with a pink foam moustache. It hardly seems worth bothering with any more. pesky cat . . . 🙂

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