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It’s cold again, which means many cats decide that the bed with the warm, goosedown duvet is the place to be overnight. Of course, it’s the place *we* want to be too, so there is an element of shoving, and territorial squabbling, between cats and blobs.

Lilith has decided that where she wants to be overnight is *under* the duvet. This doesn’t work for all sorts of reasons, not least because she’s remarkably sharp at the moment – I think her claws could do with a clip, but I’m not volunteering, thankyouverymuch.

Thus, for the past couple of nights, I’ve spent what seems like half my time either blocking her or removing her, only for her to return immediately for another assault.

The rest of the Tribe battle for space and warmth too, of course, but they do that _on top_ of the bedclothes, so it’s marginally less fraught.

Roll on spring …

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