Lilith on the loft ladder

During the latter part of this morning, I could hear a cat going mew. It didn’t sound like any of ours – Mustrum gurgles and squeaks and shouts, Iggy rowls, Henry and Ron squeal. Lilith doesn’t speak much – she might say “hello” outside, but by and large she is pretty much mute indoors.

It drove me crazy – first I thought it was coming from the back of the house, but there was no cat in the yard, and nobody under the floorboards (we’re in the process of bathroom renovations). Then I thought it was coming from the front, but there were only the spotty boys out there.

This went on for about half an hour until a thought struck Pete; he’d bee putting some stuff in the loft. And where oh where was the devil cat? He opened the hatch, and out  came Lilith – slowly, making an entrance as befits her station. I had no idea she could make so much noise!

Don’t do it again, Lil.

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