The vet doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, but his temperature on Friday afternoon was 106, and this morning was 100.8, which is a *hell* of a swing. He’s not eating, although he’s drinking okay.

he’s got gingivitis, conjunctivitis, and probably some other -itises as well. He’s had antibiotic shots, immune system booster shots, anti-inflammatory pills, eye cream, glucose solution, and we’re complementing this with a shedload of homeopathic treatments.

trouble is that he feels so poorly that he doesn’t want anyone near him, and really fights when we try to administer pills and potions – he doesn’t really trust us right now πŸ™ Pat the Cat very kindly lent us some space blanket things to keep him warm, but he won’t sit on them . . .

please keep everything crossed for him – we’re /very/ worried πŸ™

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