quite possibly the last photo my D70 will take

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Henry is prone to paddling in his water bowl (no, I don’t know why). He also likes to do an Arthur on his food, spearing bits on an elegant claw and eating them from there.

This morning, I put a load of dried kidney beans in to soak, preparatory to making a batch of chilli this weekend. Imagine my feelings when I caught sight of Henry dabbing his paw into the bowl of water, hoiking out beans and flicking them round the worktop.

BAD Henry.

One Response to “Henry the fishing cat”

  1. That is a self taught trick to use ones paw and one of my late girls used to hook meat out of her bowl, sit back and proceed to eat holding it with both front paws lol. 🙂 but a friends cat used to lie with his front paws in puddles wiggling back and forth like a raccoon fishing….or maybe he was in a previous life a raccoon.

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