Iggy taking ownership of his environment Iggy taking ownership of his environment

We’ve been worried about Iggy since we arrived here in Hull last November; after his four day walkabout, he was clearly unhappy with his environment, and displayed evidence of same. He lived mostly either in the bathroom or the kitchen, rarely setting a paw in the bedroom, living room or study. He absolutely hated the snowy weather too.

But now there are signs of spring in the air, and there’s a most definite change in the chap. He’s going out a lot (although he much prefers for me to open the front door, rather than use the cat flap), is spending time in the bedroom where the sun streams in – when it’s shining, of course – and generally being more Iggyish.

I took the above photo on Tuesday from the study window – he’s on the wall of the back yard of the house over the way, he’d faced down another cat and was quite clearly reasonably pleased with life.  I’m so pleased that he’s settled down at last.

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