Squib likes to get on the kitchen worktops. She’s been doing this via the kitchen stool (positioned under the ovens, so dead handy for killing the teatowels too), and this morning I moved it, so she couldn’t make the leap from stool to counter.

It was quite entertaining to see her leap on the stool, realise she couldn’t make it, then get down on the floor, and realise she couldn’t make it from there either. Rinse and repeat about ten times.

Then she worked out that if she went via the wicker baskets and the cat bikkit bin, she could come through straight onto the worktop. So she did. Several times. We put her on the floor. We squirted her with water. She was not deterred.

She made a huge effort and managed to claw her way up a cupboard. Then she had another go from the stool. She made a leap for it, and clawed her way up the oven glove, and planted her flag on the top of Mount KitchenCounter, triumphantly.

We do not like her getting on the kitchen worktops. But I don’t see that there’s any way we can prevent it now.

Piranha theme tune: “Don’t Stop Me Now, I’m Having Such a Good Time”.

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