Pete and I hurtled round to Pets At Home last night (new branch just opened at Anlaby Park, nice and handy for us), and purchased four collars, and identity barrels, for the remaining members of the Tribe, including the part time one. We didn’t buy one for Iggy, because we do truly believe he’s gone for good …

Anyway, they were bought individual carefully chosen collars:

Ron: as he is black, utterly black, with green eyes, we bought him a black velvet collar with luminous green eyes. You can only see the green eyes on this.

Mustrum has a black velvet collar with silver reflective fishies on it. And very splendid he looks too.

Henry has a grey webbing collar with lime green and teal dots on it, which claims to be reflective, and

Lilith has got a leopard print one (we had to, really, dont you think)? Of course, she still hasn’t come home, so I’m going to go up the road later today, knock on the madwoman’s door, and demand she hands my cat over.

Despite my misgivings, they all seemed to accept the collars fine, and to my amazement all three are still wearing them this morning. We shall see …

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  1. I am guessing that your “madwoman” is an elderly lady living on her own, starved of companionship. It’s easy for such people to imagine there exists some bond between them and any person or animal who gives them more than cursory attention.

    Not that that legitimizes their behaviour because it doesn’t. As your experience with Iggy showed, they could be causing harm. Perhaps you might gently suggest to her that she should get a cat of her own. That would not only stop her “co-owning” your cat but provide her with necessary companionship. The problem is that such people often want the cat but not the trouble and expense that goes with ownership. Elderly people are often unwilling to become owners for fear of dying and leaving their pets destitute and homeless.

    Be all that as it may, I hope you find a solution and without too much unpleasantness.

    I am sorry too about Iggy’s disappearance. Tigger’s beloved cat disappeared in a similar fashion and I remember the grief that it caused. He too was a cat of character and, years later, is still missed as I am sure Iggy will be.

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