jordancats on October 12th, 2003

Aliss has just brought Pete a gift – a mouse, of the furry persuasion, which she very kindly dropped on his keyboard. it was a deceased rodent, which is probably just as well. photographic evidence:

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jordancats on January 29th, 2002

Aliss discovered a nassty, dangerous, shoelace in our living room. Now, you can’t be too careful where shoelaces are concerned, and so she has appointed herself as Shoelace Guard. for the past couple of weeks, she has sat by the patio door for hours at a time, glaring at this inoffensive piece of cord, and […]

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jordancats on December 24th, 2000

poor Aliss has come down with a raging flea allergy 🙁 She’s lost weight, her magnificent coat is but a shadow of its former self, and she’s covered in tiny blisters. the vet has prescribed seven days of Synulox, and she’s had an antibiotic shot as well. He’s also given us *3 months* worth of […]

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jordancats on February 2nd, 2000

now, then – who did that song? Oh yes – I think it was The Drifters. somehow, ghod knows quite how, Aliss got up on the roof today. She paraded backwards and forwards for a couple of hours, and I still can’t decide whether she was frightened, or just generally being a Maine Coon (it’s […]

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