It’s just another hole in the door.

We have a catflap in the back door. All of the Tribe use it, but Iggy much prefers it if we open the front door for him. I think that perhaps the back yard walls are a bit difficult for him, now he is a self-proclaimed grumpy old man.

So yesterday, Pete put a catflap in the front door. We’re not worried about the danger – they all swarm out as soon as the door is opened, then go down the passage beside the house, and back over the aforementioned wall (or gate). But if Iggy is not let out, he is sometimes inclined to do his business indoors, and not in the litter trays, so an additional cat flap where he can come and go without scaling the walls seemed a good idea.

While it was being constructed, all the cats hurtled through the hole. Now it has a flap fitted, they’re being prissy, of course. I did bundle Iggy through yesterday, and he came straight back in, so he at least understands it. Mustrum would *not* go through it this morning, though, but I’m sure that’ll all change. Either that, or we have a hole in the door to no real end apart from creating more draught …

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