the mighty hunter

the mighty hunter

Mustrum came in through the study window this evening with a blackbird in his jaws.  It was, sadly, deceased.

It’s very unusual for him to catch anything, or at least to bring it home – he’s quite indolent, really.  Although he has been a little bit out of sorts for a week or so, to the point where we were discussing a visit to Vim the Vet, just in case, so perhaps he is proving that he’s actually fine.

I do hope it’s not the Mr Blackbird from the Mr and Mrs Blackbird who have been around the front gardens for literally years, building their nest in one of next door’s shrubs.  They seem to be a devoted couple, so that would be very sad./

One Response to “alas, poor blackbird”

  1. Recovering and disposing of corpses is one of the ings I like least about living with cats. I perhaps like recovering and dealing with the still-slightly-alive bodies even less, though.

    Are you sure that the usually indolent mighty hunter did actually hunt the blackbird? I have known my old cat to bring in a, shall we say a secondhand, catch.

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